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My Paintings represent my personal response to my environment. My ideas are not whole but fragments of what fascinate me and are seeds from which my works begin to develop. As a result, although my works undoubtedly have roots in my daily living, they may be a good deal removed from reality; some of them may be quite representational while others become abstracts.

By exaggerating vibrant colours, entertaining visual textures and other elements of design I take my painting mediums beyond their traditional execution; into mixed water media, acrylic, collage and oil. A subject leads to an idea. Then it becomes an immediate cause for me to paint, ultimately experiencing fun and struggle of permutations and possibilities deriving from that idea. It is not so much in the final product, but in the process and struggle to bring all elements together to function in harmonious presentation in a painting, that I derive so much satisfaction and pleasure as an artist. Visit my other site:

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Monday, August 22, 2016

IInvitational Exhibition of East Asian Artists

Phase One: Oversea Artists (China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan) and selected works of local artists:
Representing overseas Japanese artists; 根岸一郎; 鈴木昇岳; 井原優山
October 22nd (Sat) to October 28th (Fri), 2016.

Phase Two: Representing local Japanese Artists:
Joyce Kamikura; Yasuo Araki; Motoko Baum; Isao Ito

November 1st (Tue) to November 19th (Sat), 2016.

at International Arts Gallery
#2083-InternationalVillageMall, 88WestPenderStreet, VancouverB.C.
Tel:604-569-1886 Fax:604-566-9159 E-mail:

Friday, October 25, 2013

2013 Bohemia etc.

Having experienced a portion of Eastern Europe on our Baltic tour, we continued our journey into eastern and central Europe in 2013.  We saw the Bohemia area of the old Hungarian Empire of the Habsburg dynasty.  The tour started from Budapest to Prague, covering Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Czech Republic.  

UNESCO Heriage site of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic was a charming place steeped in the C13 to C17 history of Bohemia.

It was intriguing to see the transformation of many cities from communism to acceptance in the European union.

Of course, Vienna offered something different from all other cities we’ve visited....saw where Mozart lived, and took in his concert.  This is also the home of Gustav Klimt.  I was delighted to have visited Belvedere Gallery to see the biggest collection of his work including The Kiss.

Italy and France

After the Bohemian tour, we visited our daughter and her husband in Geneva.  We were treated to an agritourism hotel in a countryside near Alba in Italy where we had an out of the ordinary array of savoring foods.  There, we had truffles for the first time.  The area also produces great barbera wine.  We also visited Mont Blanc in France where our daughter and her husband has a chalet.  It is a gorgeous place.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 June Indianapolis

Indianapolis to babysit my 3 grand children.

2012 July The Baltics

For the second year in a row, we visited Europe.
This year, we saw the Baltic region of northern Europe, covering all of the Viking countries, and more.  We started in Copenhagen, staying in central town close to the Central Station across from Tivoli Gardens.  It is a very friendly city offering many museums to see.  Oslo’s Museum for Peace Nobel, Denmark’s Aarhus Museum, Copenhagen’s National Museum and Stockholm’s Vasa Museum, all offered distinctly different flavours of their history and culture.  We also visited an interesting and quaint medieval town of Tallinn, Estonia.  
But the highlight of the trip was St. Petersburg seeing its 300ft deep subway system; viewing beautiful buildings from the city’s many river arms; and many historical buildings relating to various tzars of the past.  And then.....there is The Hermitage, the Winter Palace.  The inside is anything but hermitage.  The opulence, the wealth, and the greed of the tzars are intoxicating; all this while their people were starving.  Immediately, the Palace of Versailles came to mind and thought no wonder both countries had famous Revolutions.
Helsinki was beautiful but uninteresting.  Unlike St. Petersburg and other cities built on the delta of major waterways, Stockholm built on rocks of its archipelago gave the city contours attractiveness and interesting.
After returning to Copenhagen, we took a train to Gothenburg, Sweden where we were picked up by out daughter and her fiancee.  Although they live in Geneva, Switzerland, they decided to have their wedding in a beautiful remote resort town called Lyskil which is about 3 hours drive from Gothenburg.

The wedding was a perfection itself.  In spite of rain, cloud and incumbent weather during our trip, the wedding day gave us a clear blue sky all day.  About 60 people from all over the world celebrated a real fun party where everyone became friends with each other and made merry until wee hours of the morning. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 September: Life Drawing BBQ

This year's belated BBQ event for the Life Drawing group was held on Sep.3, with no model.  A small group got together and had a lot of fun just socializing in my backyard.

2011 July Geneva to Sweden

July and August in Europe.

UN, Geneva

With Ronny's family
We visited Vivienne and Ronny, our daughter and her fiancee in Geneva, Switzerland in their lovely new home.  Our first visit was to the UN, Geneva where Ronny works.  From Geneva, four of us drove through Germany, and Denmark to Sweden, to a beautiful resort town called Lysekil on the west coast of Sweden (Ronny’s home town).  
We took a night ferry from Puttgarten, Germany to Denmark, then a long bridge to Sweden.  Much of northern Europe was quite cool and rainy.  That is, until we took another ferry, this time a short one, and got to a small picturesque resort town of Lysekil.  We were met with extremely and unusually hot weather (around 30-40C) there and throughout the region.  A short boat ride from there is another beautiful and charming resort town of Fiskebackskil.  We took a longer excursion to a tourist town of Smogen, famous for shrimp.   And of course our lunch was, as you can guess.....shrimp.  All around the area is true fjord: a long, narrow inlet with steep sides and sometimes barren cliffs, unlike the familiar BC west coast scenery we are used to.  For five days we’ve met some wonderful people and ate Sweden’s savory seafood.  
Smogen, Sweden
Gerald and Philippe
Our return trip to Geneva was uneventful with rain much of the way.  The highlight of it though, was a beautiful overnight ferry from Trelleberg, just south of Malmo in Sweden to Germany.  The TT line ferry was much like a cruise ship feeling with beautiful cabins and luxurious lounges.  Back in Geneva, we were treated to our friend’s sumptuous and magnificent dinner to end our visit to Europe.

Friday, October 29, 2010

2010 October in Indianapolis

It was our first trip to Indianapolis where our three grandchildren moved to, last December. Although the downtown core of the city is small, it sprawls far beyond what I had expected, with seemingly new buildings all around major city arteries. Apparently, it’s the 14th largest city in the US. The suburb of Carmel where we stayed is abound with beautiful mansions surrounded by large trees on their expansive lots with these trees giving out a constant rain of multi-colored leaves. Evergreens are more scarce than the westcoast. But broadleaves of all types were at their prime with grandiose range of autumn colors. We enjoyed our grandchildren in such a beautiful setting.
There are many places to see in Indianapolis, one of them being Indianapolis Museum of Art which is located in a large park and houses surprisingly large collection of European and American Art. I could have spent another day there.